Bible School Module 1: September 11-12

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Bible School Module 1: September 11-12

The new Bible School Module 1 will take place September 11-12, 2020 – and for the first time it will be made available online.

We are thrilled you are interested in the new Bible School class being held September 11 and 12, 2020.

We have two options available for this class. Both are offered at a tuition of $255 with $100 of that being your deposit when you are ready to register. You are welcome to join the class live, in Texas, or for the first time you can attend via Zoom online. Bible School is a 7 Module format, each Module is 9am-6pm both Friday and Saturday. The next Module is scheduled approximately 6 months later. The reason for this is the amount of content during the classes. Malcolm likes to give students time to absorb the teaching before moving on to the next subjects.

There is an intense amount of teaching during each Module. He provides an email syllabus for each Module (for you to print and bring to class) which is emailed to you Monday or Tuesday the week the class begins. There is no prerequisite requirements to become a student but each Module must be attended in consecutive order. He starts in Genesis and goes through to Revelation. It’s a very special experience to walk from A-Z with Malcolm Smith. Given that this is the first time doing class online, he would like you to know his heart on the matter. He’s never wanted to do a recording of Bible School content because he does not want to lose the personal contact with each student. Attending live is his preference. He realized the benefit of the Zoom option for many of you who are unable to travel here. An important thing to consider before committing to registration is the commitment Malcolm would like from you who plan to attend via Zoom. It is not a class you can take while at work or have other distractions. He’s asking for the same commitment in front of your computer as you would have if you were in the physical building.

We look forward to hearing from you as you make your decision whether to attend in person or online.

Please email your interest to for further questions and when you are ready to register, call Judy at 830-328.3770.

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