August 2018 – Partner Update

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August 2018 – Partner Update

Dear Partners,

Through your gifts you and I together are loving people to life.


Hello Partners,

One of the most well-known words of Jesus – “I am the vine… you are the branches” contains the heart of the life transforming message of the good news. In this month’s message I explain and apply the truth of these words.

I want you to hear this message as the word of truth concerning who you are. Our identity is not in our feelings that change from moment to moment or in what I may be presently doing but in the word from God in Christ that declares my true identity. It is that declaration of truth that the Spirit works into us that we might become who we are. The simple response of faith is to listen to the truth and let it dislodge all the lies we have been raised with – listen until we think and act in accord with the truth and realize as simple fact that Christ is my life in this moment.

I trust this message will be transforming in your daily life.

The December retreat is now almost upon us – it seems like yesterday when I introduced the dates and the subject some months ago! If you want to be with us for this glorious weekend the time to book is now – call the office today and secure your place. (830-460-4000)

As we have been announcing, the subject is “Discover and Live Your Inheritance” but these retreats are so much more than what I have to say. The retreat is in the dynamic of fellowship with like-minded believers and to enter into the sharing that takes place between the public meetings – never captured on tape but the time when much revelation and healing takes place.

I am so excited about the subject this year! It throbs with life and will be a time of great growth in the lives of those who will be with us. It is December 7-9, 2018. Contact the office today and be sure to be with us.

Thank you for your love gifts in these last weeks. You enable us to continue sharing the life transforming news of the love of God. Let me say with force– your giving is not merely dollars to support an organization. Every dollar that you send is the love of God clothed in finances and wrapped in prayer – the gift of your life joined to the Holy Spirit and sent forth to world.

You and I, along with every other partner do more together than either of us could do alone in our wildest dreams. In your monthly giving you are part of my voice carrying God’s love in Christ in the power of the Spirit to the world.

If you are on Facebook look us up at Unconditional Love LLC - and there is a lot going on there to many thousands of excited people.

To see this month’s partner letter and mp3 online please visit:

You may also listen to past partner mp3 messages by visiting:

The blessing of the Lord be with you all –

Malcolm and Nancy.


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