Upcoming Bible School Modules:


June 21-22, 2024
(open to all Students who have competed Modules 1 and 2
Registration Closes June 10th)

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For nearly sixty years Malcolm Smith has studied the Word of God seeking to understand the nature of God revealed in Jesus Christ and our being united with Him in covenant relationship. In the Malcolm Smith Bible Institute he shares these insights in over 100 hours of personal teaching.


MSBI is not attached to any other school of seminary and does not give credits that are recognized by any other school or seminary. The Institute consists of a series of modules personally taught by Malcolm Smith to small classes.

Each Module lasts 2 days, usually Friday and Saturday 9am-5pm, providing approximately 12-15 hours in class and personal instruction throughout the weekend. The modules take place in Bandera, Texas and are live-streamed over Zoom for remote participants. For the first time, they are being recorded and archived into an online course, so you can always go back and review the videos and notes. We now have the complete Bible school – All Seven Modules – available online, and will keep the courses updated as new Modules are recorded.

Registration for Module 1 of the online course is open, so anyone can register and get started right away at


Modules 2-7 are also currently available online, but all modules must be taken in order. Each online module concludes with a registration link to the next module in the series.  Each online module is comprised of the video recordings of the most recent session of that module, along with Malcolm’s notes for students. Each modules contains about 12 hours of video lecture content divided into 8 sessions. There are also many learning features built into the online modules like: resizable and pop-out video window, adjustable playback speed, and the ability to make time-stamped notes that will be there when you come back later. 


  • Module 1: The revelation of the Trinity in Jesus Christ; the Everlasting Covenant.
  • Module 2: Jesus Christ Creator; The Creation Covenant; the entrance of sin and the Adamic Covenant.
  • Module 3: The Abrahamic Covenant; covenant salvation language of the Old Testament; the prophecies of Messiah through Malachi.
  • Module 4: The Incarnation; the life and mission of Jesus Christ and the place of the Spirit in His life.
  • Module 5: The vicarious life, suffering, death, burial, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ; the New Covenant and His victory over Satan, sin and death.
  • Module 6: The coming of the Spirit at Pentecost; union with Christ; the Body of Christ; the New Man and the New Creation.
  • Module 7: The return of Jesus Christ; the resurrection of the dead and the eternal future.

A certificate of completion is given at the end of the course.

Malcolm goes through a complete cycle of the Modules every few years, doing about 2 Modules per year. The modules cannot be taken out of order; a student cannot advance to Module two until Module one has been completed and so through the cycle.

For more information or to register for the modules email OR call Judy at (830) 328-3770

For questions or help with the online courses, email John at: or just fill out the contact form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.