December 2021 – Partner Update

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December 2021 – Partner Update

Dear Partners,

Through your gifts you and I together are loving people to life.


I am beginning with a great thank you and praise to God for all of you who have continued to send your gifts and letters of encouragement through this long time of the pandemic when there has been little communication from us to you. Your continued giving without a monthly prod to do so thrills me – you give by the Spirit’s urging and not by my stoking your emotional fires!

These days where we could not meet brought about a new dimension of ministry that I believe is here to stay – meeting by Zoom. We enjoy Bible schools by Zoom that have caused them to increase from 60 or 70 students to nearly 200 covering the world. If you are interested in the Bible School you may contact Judy for more information. You can text or call her at (830) 328-3770.

We also meet every Sunday and many join us by Zoom – if you’d like to join our Sunday church services in Zoom, just email us at to let us know you’re interested. I also have had the joy of coming into living rooms via Zoom and spending evenings sharing and answering questions.

As most of you know I was married to Cheryl back in February, and these last months have been consumed with getting ready for our annual December Retreat! This was Cheryl’s first, and was truly a blessing for all who attended! The series from the retreat, PRAYER: The Door to the Father’s Intention; will soon be available in CD or MP3 format. You may order on line at or by calling Cindy in our office at (830) 460-4000.

My message arises this month from John 2:1-11. It speaks to us about the wedding supper where Jesus turns the water into wine. And even though I have spoken on this subject before it is always a fresh and timely message.

Again I celebrate you as you have given so consistently through these last months – your gifts enable us to penetrate the darkness with the light of the unconditional love of God.

You are blessed in Christ Jesus,
Malcolm and Cheryl 

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