February 2013 – Partner Update

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February 2013 – Partner Update

Dear Partners,

The questions that have continually been asked in the last months have focused on how we live in the joy and peace of the Lord in these troubled times that are already here and threatening to break upon us. My message this month addresses that in general terms although there is enough in it to bring great peace to all who hear it. In the time that we would fear as natural human beings we trust in Him who has overcome the world and conveys his victory to us through the Spirit.

All of us are aware that we face global unrest and disintegration of the family and society; for those who simply look at the news the only conclusion is that a cold darkness is creeping across the world. A generation has arisen that has no sense of the presence of God. Believers are asking how does one live in the face of evil? In other generations we have lived with Christian values and the expectancy of freedom and prosperity. But things have changed!

We are having a retreat that addresses this situation May 17-18 and we are addressing the subject “Standing Strong in Unstable Times”.

How do we believers look at world events and the situation that we find ourselves in, in our family, our work, school and neighborhood? Many of you have been in disasters from hurricane and tornado to local chaos – what do we believers do and how do we approach the possibility of such situations? Things are happening around us that in the past we only read about as taking place in far off lands and people. What we forget is that the Bible was written against the backdrop of unstable and chaotic times and so how we approach and act within them is the subject of thousands of passages of Scripture. Many of these have been overlooked because we have lived much of our life in relatively stable times. As times change we must learn the faith that walks boldly without fear or anxiety in the midst of evil and trouble.

What is our heart attitude to this present darkness? How do we pray the bold prayer of faith in uncertain and unstable days? Do we prepare for days of disaster or take no thought for tomorrow? How do we live in the protection spoken of in Psalm 91? What do we do when human authority conflicts with the authority of God? What is our witness to our neighbor in unstable days? What is our responsibility to our children in this chaos? Above all, where is God in all of this?

We are looking for hours of fellowship together and teaching that will not merely inform you but strengthen your faith and teach you how to live filled with the Spirit in fearful days.

Call our office for details of our Spring Retreat May 17-18 at the ranch in Bandera, Texas. We begin Friday night and continue through Saturday and of course you can stay over and join us Sunday at 3 p.m. for our regular meeting of Unconditional Love Fellowship. It is imperative that you register because seating is limited. You may reach us toll free at 800-457-0947. TX residents only must call toll free at 830-460-4000.

We continue to give thanks to the Lord for your gifts that enable us to reach the multitude that join us around the world for the Tuesday night webinars from the ranch at 7 p.m. central time, These are watched through You Tube throughout the week. Thousands more are receiving the podcast and so the message pours out to multiple thousands each month.

These last weeks have been financially challenging but we give thanks to the Lord for those of you who heard the voice of the Spirit and sent your special gifts. Both Nancy and I thank you again for standing as one with us in this ministry of God’s love in Jesus transforming the lives of millions around the world.


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