March/April 2013 – Partner Update

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March/April 2013 – Partner Update

Dear Partners,

Please take note that this partner message covers the two months of March and April so that we can catch up. We got behind in the early months of the year and we need to be up to date.

In these months we are in the season when Christians remember the resurrection of the Lord Jesus from the dead. But believers do not limit the resurrection to a few days of the year – we live in the power and strength of the resurrection. Faith in the resurrection is where our salvation began and it is continually our confession of faith (Romans 10:9). Our salvation is not a list of rules, ethics or formulas but a now relationship with the living Christ who is our life. Many believers have never realized what this means in terms of their relationships, their work, their play or their education. In my message to you all this month I want to show you how we are in every moment of our lives governed by resurrection life that moves always forward into the new heaven and new earth. This is the hope that infuses all that we think, say and do. This message will have a radical effect on your life today. Listen and do it!

Our retreat is almost here and we are running out of space. If you intend to come we still have some room so call immediately. It is a very important retreat asking the question “How do we stand strong in these times in which we live?” As I write we have just heard the tragedy that took place at the Boston Marathon and again the question faces us – how do we live in a world that is increasingly evil? How do we live in days of trauma of floods and tornadoes that sweep away the possessions of a lifetime?

What is our heart attitude to this present darkness? How do we pray the bold prayer of faith in uncertain and unstable days? Do we prepare for days of disaster or take no thought for tomorrow? How do we live in the protection spoken of in Psalm 91? What do we do when human authority conflicts with the authority of God? What is our witness to our neighbor in unstable days? What is our responsibility to our children in this chaos? Above all, where is God in all of this?

It is a very practical retreat with answers from God’s Word.

The retreat will be at the ranch in Bandera May 17-18 and we are calling it “Standing Strong in Unstable Times”. We begin Friday night and continue through Saturday and of course you can stay over and join us Sunday at 3 p.m. for our regular meeting of Unconditional Love Fellowship. It is imperative that you register because seating is limited. Call the office today if you plan to come.

We are looking for hours of fellowship together and teaching that will not merely inform you but strengthen your faith and teach you how to live filled with the Spirit in fearful days.

The Bible school is graduating two classes this year and we give thanks to God for these who will have spent 120 hours with me learning the foundations of this faith in the God who is unconditional love. You can begin this journey by joining a new cycle with module one on June 13-15. Call the office for details.

We continue to give thanks to the Lord for your gifts that enable us to reach the multitude that join us around the world for the Tuesday night webinars from the ranch at 7 p.m. central time. These are watched through You Tube throughout the week. Thousands more are receiving the podcast and so the message pours out to multiple thousands each month. We also now have available Volumes 1, 2 and 3 of my newest series, “Holy Spirit Revealed” and you can find them at

These last weeks have been financially challenging but we give thanks to the Lord for those of you who heard the voice of the Spirit and sent your special gifts. Both Nancy and I thank you again for standing as one with us in this ministry of God’s love in Jesus transforming the lives of millions around the world.


The blessing of the Lord be with you all!

– Malcolm and Nancy Smith


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