October 2016 – Partner Update

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October 2016 – Partner Update

Dear Partners,

Through your gifts you and I together are loving people to life.

We are late communicating with you for the month of October because of the changes that have and are taking place here. As we reported some months ago we have been looking to San Antonio as a place of ministry – for all of you to find it easier to get to us and to have access to high quality internet for our events to be live streamed to the world. We have been amazed at the increase in audiences when we have the meetings in the city. In May we had the flood that did a lot of damage to the ranch and left mold in many places. In late September it became obvious that we had to move our Sunday meeting place and by the end of October the Lord had brought us to a place that is ideal for Sunday meeting and Bible schools that we can make available through the web.

The location is:
6222 De Zavala Road, suite 204, San Antonio, Texas

New Building in SA

We had our first service this last Sunday and will be meeting at 11:00 every Sunday morning.

The ranch has had a baby! We now have two places of ministry and you are going to discover what that means in the New Year. Thank you for your prayers throughout the year since we shared the direction we felt the Spirit would have us go. The setting up of the meeting place is expensive – and these last weeks have been challenging and as the Spirit urges you to give we thank you for your extra giving.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the retreat in December – if you have not booked you can call our office or register online today. I will be sharing the very heart of the Scripture concerning God’s rest and our entering into and living daily in that rest. Guilt, shame, fear, anxiety and every form of negativity have no place in the life of the believer – we are called to rest in His rest. I will be sharing the “how” of living this rest-life making it practical and sending you on your way to live actively at rest in every area of your lives in His joy-peace life described in the New Testament. One of the greatest blessings of the retreat is to spend a weekend with like-hearted believers all seeking to know more of the grace of God.

My message this month speaks of the divine joy that we experience in living our lives in union with Christ. We function as the branches of the Vine – Christ our life with no separation! Listen and live!

Thank you for your continued faithfulness in giving. I want you to know how we look at your giving – it is not merely dollars to support an organization. Every dollar that you send is the love of God clothed in finances and wrapped in prayer – the gift of your life joined to the Holy Spirit and sent forth to world.

You and I, along with every other partner do more together than either of us could do alone in our wildest dreams. In your monthly giving you are part of my voice carrying God’s love in Christ in the power of the Spirit to the world.

Do not forget that if you miss the Tuesday night webinar you may re-watch archived webinars here at:

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The blessing of the Lord be with you all –

Malcolm and Nancy.


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