September 2018 – Partner Update

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September 2018 – Partner Update

Dear Partners,

Through your gifts you and I together are loving people to life.

Hello Partners,

Fall is upon us! Here in Texas we were washed into Fall with storms and torrential rain that has given us the wettest September in the history of San Antonio! We thank the Lord that the flooding on the ranch was minimal although flooded roads had us close our Sunday service. It did not interfere with our Bible school module 6. It is the module that draws the entire course together and this one will stand out as the weekend that really did change lives bringing us face to face with the reality of our being in Christ. We did not learn about or think about these truths but began to realize that we actually are the habitation of God trough the Spirit. Thank you for praying for the students that weekend – your prayers were abundantly answered.

We are praying for all of you who will be joining us at the December retreat. One of the advantages of registering early is that you are prayed for as the unique person you are and by the time you actually come to the retreat you will have been soaked in prayer for a number of weeks. This retreat will be a time of restoration for some of you, and for others a time of enlightenment and satisfaction of deep hunger for a new walk with Him. It is a time of healing – you come to the retreat with sickness and meet with the Healer Himself and are made whole. Come expecting the manifestation of His love in your spirit, mind, emotions and your body and life situation.

If you have not yet registered please do so at once! Call the office and secure your place with us this December (830)460-4000. Join us to fellowship with like-minded people, to worship and be enlightened by the Spirit – and to celebrate my 80th birthday on Saturday afternoon! A retreat cannot be captured on a CD – you only hear the hours that I talk – the dynamic happens in the many hours in between that speaking schedule.

My message this month is vital – I would like you to listen to it more than once until its truth gets inside your spirit. I deal with the words “magnifying the Lord” which involves our entire life opening us up to this world of life inside the love of God – rescuing us from the dark and weary world of negativity and complaint. I trust that you will go from this message into life with a divine positivity and expectancy of the Father’s blessing and favor in Christ.

Thank you for your love gifts in the last weeks. You enable us to continue sharing the life transforming news of the love of God. Let me say with force– your giving is not merely dollars to support an organization. Every dollar that you send is the love of God clothed in finances and wrapped in prayer – the gift of your life joined to the Holy Spirit and sent forth to world. You and I, along with every other partner do more together than either of us could do alone in our wildest dreams. In your monthly giving you are part of my voice carrying God’s love in Christ in the power of the Spirit to the world.

If you are on Facebook look us up at Unconditional Love LLC - and there is a lot going on there to many thousands of excited people.

To see this month’s partner letter and mp3 online please visit:

You may also listen to past partner mp3 messages by visiting:

The blessing of the Lord be with you all –

Malcolm and Nancy.


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