What Is a Partner?

As a ministry we have never been underwritten by a denomination or by government grants; we have always been and are supported by the gifts of those who share our vision of the love of God in Jesus Christ. These regular, committed supporters of the ministry are called Partners.

A partner believes the message that God is love and that God has achieved His love’s purpose for us in Jesus Christ. And all that He accomplished is actualized in our lives by the present work of the Holy Spirit. Some of our partners have only very recently discovered these truths and are new in the journey of discovering the implications and power of this in their daily lives, others have been friends of the ministry for decades. All partners share a common desire – to be part of sharing this life-changing message with the world. We believe that to teach believers who they are in Christ is to bring into being a company who will change the world.

The oxygen of this ministry is prayer. Our Partners stand in prayer with us for the continued empowerment of the ministry in all its expressions – and that the message of God’s love will continue to reach into the hearts of believers everywhere.

Our Partners make it possible for the ministry to run smoothly because we can count on their continued support each month. It is these many gifts that, joined together, enable the ministry to fulfill our calling month by month. Malcolm and Cheryl do not take a salary from Unconditional Love and so all your gifts are used in the functioning of the ministry.

Our Partners pledge a monthly recurring donation and are and integral part of everything we do. Malcolm and Cheryl periodically send out a special audio message and newsletter just for our Partners containing the latest ministry news and upcoming events so you can stay updated on what we are working on at Unconditional Love Fellowship.

To become a Partner of Unconditional Love Fellowship, please call our office at 830-460-4000 or use the link below to set up your monthly donation online

Monthly Partnership Donation

Become a Partner

We are praying for 1,000 new partners this year and we want you to be one of them!

The blessing of the Lord be with you all!