Big Plans for 2024

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Big Plans for 2024

Happy New Year!

As we wave goodbye to 2023 and welcome 2024, we’re thrilled to share some exciting updates from our team here at Unconditional Love Fellowship:

  1. New Website Coming Soon: We are in the process of updating and improving our website(s) to provide a more engaging and user-friendly experience. Expected by Spring 2024. But we’ll keep you updated along the way.
  2. So Many New Books: In 2023, Malcolm published 3 books: An Expanded Edition of This Son of Mine – this popular work on the story of the Prodigal Son now has 3 additional chapters and a refreshed look, inside and out. Toxic Love : The Illusion of Self Worth was long out-of-print but is now back, new and improved. Malcolm’s latest release, The Spirit Gives Life: How I learned to Meditate, had also been unavailable for years but has returned, updated with new insights on life in the Spirit and meditative study. The first scheduled release of 2024, Reward & Punishment is coming soon.

Cheryl shares her personal memoir and inspirational story in her new book To Love Again: Reflections of a Redeemed Heart. Let this book encourage you, that even after all you’ve been through, Jesus, the Lover of your soul, wants to teach you to love again.

You can find all of these releases on (paperback and Kindle) and at Malcolm’s online store at (paperback only).

3. More Than You Can ImagineMalcolm’s teaching series from the December 2023 retreat in San Antonio is now available on CD and Download at

Humans possess a unique ability: we can work with the invisible. Imagination serves as the workshop where all great things originate, where the unseen is transformed into reality. In these hours, Malcolm delves into the truth about imagination, exploring how to identify the negative traditions of man and awaken to realize you are wrapped up, entangled in the loving embrace of I Am. This series was recorded December 2023 at the Unconditional Love Fellowship retreat in San Antonio, Texas. Now Available at malcolmsmith.org3125 MTYCI Thumbnail  


  1. MSBI Module 7 is Now Online: For all our graduates of the Bible school, the latest session of Module 7 (October 2023) is now accessible online and has been added to your Enrolled Courses. Log in at with your registered email address and dive in.

If you have completed Modules 1-6 and want to register for Module 7, log in online at, go to the very end of Module 6, and click on ‘Module 7 Registration’ to find the registration link.

If you need any assistance, please email: and we’ll get you signed in. If you’re here reading this thinking “What is this Bible school?!” you can read all about it here.

  1. Upcoming Module 2: Scheduled for March 8-9, 2024, in Bandera, Texas, Module 2 of the Bible school is now open for registration. Eligibility is extended to all MSBI graduates and those who have completed Module One. Register here for Module 2.
    *Graduates of MSBI will get a Zoom link and Malcolm’s notes for Module 2 by email automatically and need not register unless planning to attend in-person.

Sunday Services
And don’t forget, we meet every Sunday at 11am in Bandera and in Zoom. If you want to join in, please email us  to request the Sunday Zoom link and we’ll make sure you get invited each week. Or just swing by the chapel on Sunday morning and say hello!

Malcolm’s YouTube channel has more than 430 hours of his best teaching so make sure to subscribe. And while you’re there, make sure to check out the Featured Channels section for links to Andrew, Marshall, and Clint’s YouTube channels for many  more  hours of Spirit-inspired teaching.

There are so many other exciting plans in development for 2024, so expect another update soon with the details about TV shows, podcasts, interviews, Malcolm merch and more. You can also visit our website any time for the most recent developments.

Thank You
We want you to know that your letters over the past year have been incredibly encouraging and have meant so much to us. As Malcolm continues in his recovery this year, just know that your words and support have been a constant source of strength and inspiration for him, for Cheryl and for all of us here at Unconditional Love. We are so grateful for you all. Thank you for being a part of this fellowship and family.


Happy New Year!