Featured YouTube Channels

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Featured YouTube Channels

We have started THREE new YouTube channels which will feature all of the teachings and sermons shared with us during our Sunday services from Andrew Coloney, Marshall Reeves and Clint Walker. Many of you know Andrew already, he has worked with Malcolm for years as associate pastor at Unconditional Love Fellowship. Marshall has also followed Malcolm for years and has recently joined Unconditional Love Fellowship as Malcolm’s associate pastor as well. Clint has studied and worked with Malcolm for many years. They have studied the word of God under Malcolm for years, and often speak at our Sunday church services in Bandera, Texas and many of you wanted to be able to watch them again and again, so… Make sure to drop by their YouTube channels, watch some great messages and subscribe to show them your support! You can follow the links below, or if you visit Malcolm’s YouTube channel page, you’ll find them all listed un the ‘Featured Channels’ section there.




Andrew’s YouTube Channel


Marshall’s YouTube Channel


Clint’s YouTube Channel