New Books from Malcolm and Cheryl Smith

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New Books from Malcolm and Cheryl Smith

Malcolm and Cheryl have been releasing new books every couple months. Order today on Amazon (paperback and Kindle). Also available at (paperback only) Get yours today! 



In 2023, Malcolm published 3 books: An Expanded Edition of This Son of Mine – this popular work on the story of the Prodigal Son now has 3 additional chapters and a refreshed look, inside and out. Toxic Love : The Illusion of Self Worth was long out-of-print but is now back, new and improved. Malcolm’s latest release, The Spirit Gives Life: How I learned to Meditate, had also been unavailable for years but has returned, updated with new insights on life in the Spirit and meditative study. The first scheduled release of 2024, Reward & Punishment is coming soon.

Cheryl shares her personal memoir and inspirational story in her new book To Love Again: Reflections of a Redeemed Heart. Let this book encourage you, that even after all you’ve been through, Jesus, the Lover of your soul, wants to teach you to love again.

You can find all of these releases on (paperback and Kindle) and at Malcolm’s online store at (paperback only).