October 2018 – Partner Update

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October 2018 – Partner Update

Dear Partners,

Through your gifts you and I together are loving people to life.

Hello Partners,

Rain and more rain – it has not stopped raining since Labor Day. We are enjoying a brief dry time although we have a forecast for more tonight. It felt as if Texas had been transported to Seattle!

My message this month focuses on the great word “trust” which is at the heart of our relationship to Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Tragically in our western culture we know little of the meaning and experience of real trust. This could be a life changing message for many. Certainly to come to trust God is to say goodbye to anxiety and worry as well as a negative life of complaining and bad moods. Listen and let the Spirit bring its truths deep into your heart.

We are praying for all of you who will be joining us at the December retreat. I am not going to ask you to register – all of you know what the retreat is about and how to register and you still can – we still have room for you to join us.

I bring it up to ask those of you who have a ministry of prayer to pray for us and those who will be retreating during these next days and the weekend of the retreat. This retreat is your harvest. A large percentage of those who will be with us have come as a direct result of the webinars which are supported by your offerings. These are the people your gifts have enabled the word of God to lay hold of and reveal the love of God and they are coming to the retreat to pursue the hunger aroused in their hearts.
It is fitting that I should ask you now to pray that their eyes be opened by the Spirit to see the love they have begun to taste.

Thank you for your blessings and greetings on my birthday when I celebrated my 80th year. Some asked me if I was going to retire! This is the beginning not the end! Abraham enters the pages of Scripture at 75; Moses at 80 and Caleb realized his life dream at 85… I could go on but you get the point. With your financial gifts we have much work and revelation to share ahead of us.

Thank you for your love gifts in October. You enable us to continue sharing the life transforming news of the love of God. Let me say with force– your giving is not merely dollars to support an organization. Every dollar that you send is the love of God clothed in finances and wrapped in prayer – the gift of your life joined to the Holy Spirit and sent forth to the world. You and I, along with every other partner do more together than either of us could do alone in our wildest dreams. In your monthly giving you are part of my voice carrying God’s love in Christ in the power of the Spirit to the world.

If you are on Facebook look us up at Unconditional Love LLC - and there is a lot going on there to many thousands of excited people.

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The blessing of the Lord be with you all –

Malcolm and Nancy.


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