Online Modules FAQ

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Online Modules FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the Online Bible School Modules

This Page is currently under construction but will serve as a place to answer some frequently asked questions about the online Bible school modules offered on at


What are the Online Courses (Modules)?

For the first time, Malcolm’s Bible School meetings are being recorded and archived into an online course, so you can always go back and review the videos and notes. The online course is organized into 7 Modules, each Module is comprised of 8 sections (lessons). Each section contains about 90 minutes of video paired with Malcolm’s provided notes for that section. In total, there is about 12 hours of video content in each Module. Audio recordings and notes are also made available for download. Some Modules contain multiple sessions (an additional 12 hours of video content) included in the online course materials. Currently, Modules 1-4 are available online and we are adding new Modules as they occur and are recorded.

This is all facilitated by one of the biggest online course sites. We have set up our online course at and use their software to create and offer this course. You don’t need to make an account on Teachable to take the modules online. You can log in to only our course at 

Who can take the Modules?

Module 1 is available for anyone to take, as it is the introduction and there are no prerequisite Modules. You can go to, register, pay and begin taking the course in just a few minutes. Every other module after 1 requires that you have completed the modules that precede it. To enroll in Modules 2-4 you just need to email us and we can process your registration and payment and enroll you. We are working to make this all automatic, but while we are setting that up you’ll need to contact us to sign up for Modules 2-4 of the online course.

If you have already completed Modules 1-4 , you are automatically enrolled in the online course. You may just need to email us for your login info.

Why Can't I Login to the Online Modules?

Each course on Teachable has it’s own unique school address and login credentials (name and password) you must use. The address for our course, Malcolm Smith Bible Institute is: When you were enrolled, you should have received an email asking you to setup your password. If you have not done that or didn’t receive that email, please contact us at and we can set up a course password for you to login with the first time. Once you’re signed in, you can update to a new password or link an existing Teachable account (if you have one) to this course in your Profile settings.

When I log in to Teachable it thinks I want to create a course?!?

If you create an account at, and you haven’t yet signed into our course at, then our Bible School will not yet be linked to your Teachable account and you will not see it. You have to sign in at with the password provided by us first. Once you’re signed in to our course, you can add our course to your account by clicking on your Profile – there you will find an option to ‘Link to a Teachable account’. Once you do that, you can use your Teachable account to sign in and the Bible School Modules will now appear in your account.

This applies to any courses you may take on Teachable. First, you log into a course…then you link it to your Teachable account in your Profile. This step is optional though, as you do not need to create a Teachable account to take the Modules.