September 2022 – Partner Update

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September 2022 – Partner Update

Through your gifts you and I together are loving people to life.


Hello partners,

This has been a challenging month for all of us here at the ministry. I had surgery to replace my knee in mid- August and of course prior to that days were spent in pre-operative tests – hours in doctor’s office and hospital. The surgery went very well, and the knee is healing beautifully. But that comes with a price! Hours of physical therapy leaving me with pain – but healing pain!

All good intentions of getting a partner message out in the days following surgery came to nothing.

But in the office the passing of Cindy placed a backlog of calls and orders that we are just now catching up with. John was coming to Bandera and filling all the orders that Cindy usually handled in our office. Even if I had been available John would not have been able to produce this message and send it to you. We decided not to be stressed and let the days take their course.

We now have a new person working in the office, Gail Riley. She is one of the deaconesses in our Fellowship, has attended many Bible schools and so is well equipped to answer questions and pray with you. At this present time she is training and so please know, if you call the office you may have to leave a message and we will call you back.

We are about to have a second session of Module five of the Bible school here at the ranch and on zoom. It is a vital module covering the sufferings, death, and resurrection of Jesus. We ask the question “What was happening and what is He doing?” A life changing weekend.

In early November Cheryl and I will be going to Grand Rapids, Michigan for a weekend of meetings – I will be sharing the weekend with Don Keithley a long-time friend and one who preaches the love and grace of God.

We then move directly to the retreat, the first weekend of December. The subject will be an in depth investigation of how we live in the rest of God – a vital subject in these days!

This is my 70th year in the ministry and Saturday night of the retreat Cheryl has planned an exciting celebration of that for all.

The December retreat has already reached our planned capacity of 100 people, so we have started a waiting list for those who want to attend but are not registered. You can contact Judy at 830-328-3770 to get on the waiting list for the retreat and if a spot opens up, we will contact you.

One last item, we have had two Post office boxes for a number of years and we have come to the point of only needing one of them. From now on we will have only one, Post Office Box 1599, Bandera, Texas 78003 is the only address for receiving your letters and gifts. The one that have had that some of you used P.O. Box 3250 is now closed.

We pray that you will be blessed by my message on the Holy Spirit – the key to this New Covenant life!


Love In Christ,
Malcolm and Cheryl


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