November 2012 Partner Update

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November 2012 Partner Update

Partner Update

Dear Partners,

We greet you in the midst of this holiday season with the message of thanksgiving – the divine power of giving of thanks in everything! I trust that I have been able to communicate this power revealed in the words in the story of Jesus multiplying the five loaves and two fishes to feed a multitude of probably in excess of 15,000 persons. The heart of the story – the place and moment in which the miracle took place – is in Jesus taking the bread and fish and blessing it and giving thanks. Can you imagine how utterly foolish that looked? A handful of food that would not feed two people is being blessed and the Father is being thanked that this shall be supper for everyone! But that is the action of faith that the Scripture operates in. We take what we have even though it is absolutely not enough for the need and give thanks to Him who has given Himself to be the answer to our need and his blessing multiplies and fills what we have with divine life. May the message insert the thanksgiving of faith into these days!

As I announced last month we will be changing our name on January 1st 2013. As of that date we will no longer be known as Zoe Community of the Holy Spirit but as Unconditional Love Fellowship. Unconditional Love is not merely an event of history but is now poured into our hearts through the Spirit that we might live our lives in the knowing that we are His beloved and reaching out through our actions loving one another as we have been and experience His love.


We are amazed at the response to the Tuesday night webinars at 7 p.m. central time. We are able to record when someone is watching and we can report that every hour of the day or night multiple persons are watching somewhere in the world. Thousands more are receiving the podcast and so the message pours out to multiple thousands each month. Thank you for making this possible with your gifts.

These last weeks have been financially challenging but we give thanks to the Lord for those of you who heard the voice of the Spirit and sent your special gifts. Both Nancy and I thank you again for standing as one with us in this ministry of God’s love in Jesus transforming the lives of millions around the world.
The blessing of the Lord be with you all!

Malcolm and Nancy

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